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What Metrics Should be Tracked in Driver Scorecards?

Driver scorecards typically display dozens of metrics, which you can sort into a few groups to make your scorecards appear less overwhelming https://www.harrysbarvenezia.com. Below, we’ve listed several metrics and groups you could include in your driver scorecards, though this list isn’t comprehensive.

Your driver scorecards should include the below safety metrics and anything else you see fit:

Speeding. Perhaps the most important aspect of driver safety, the speeding metric tells you how often your drivers are moving at dangerously high speeds whatismyreferer. There are two types of speeding that your driver scorecards should contain:
Speeding over posted speed limits. Although it’s not uncommon for every vehicle on a stretch of highway to exceed the speed limit, doing so is especially dangerous for freight trucks. That’s why you should track every time that your drivers surpass the legal speed limit.

Speeding over company guidelines. It’s common for freight companies to set their own maximum speed limits for drivers. You should include a separate metric for flagging violations of this limit as well.

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Acceleration. It’s one thing for a driver to gradually increase their speed to keep up with the traffic around them. It’s another if they step on the gas excessively or forcefully. Doing so can lead to a loss of control, making acceleration an important safety metric to track.

Braking. Since much of fleet transportation involves highway driving, your drivers shouldn’t brake excessively or strongly. Doing so can lead to the sort of highway pile-ons that lead to standstill traffic and, worse yet, injuries.

Cornering. Off the highway, turning trucks around perpendicular corners is among the biggest challenges of commercial driving. Tracking your drivers’ performance on this front can help ensure that neither your driver, nor anyone else near your vehicles, is hurt during cornering.

Driving after hours. Although cars can theoretically be on the road at any time of day, it’s best practice to keep freight vehicles off the road late at night and in the early morning. Despite this guideline, it’s not uncommon for drivers to hit the road well after sunset or long before sunrise. You should track this behavior to keep your fleet and other drivers as safe as possible. [Review the DOT hours of service regulations.]

Reversing. Backing up in a vehicle as large as a tractor-trailer is inherently dangerous. By having your telematics or GPS fleet tracking system monitor this behavior, you can identify drivers who are reversing unsafely and retrain them.

Seatbelt use. Buckling up is the law – it’s a key safety practice no matter where your drivers go. In tracking seatbelt use, you can identify drivers who aren’t wearing their seatbelts and are thus putting themselves and potentially others at risk.

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